CA Contractors License# 908226

General Construction

JCCNG also offers all general construction for your site.

safety Training 

This training teaches basic knowledge of your sites CNG equipment and how to respond safely in the event of an emergency. Team and Individual training is available for;

  • Emergency Response (Fire & Police) Personnel
  • On-site maintenance staff

CNG Mechanical Services

  • High Pressure Stainless Steel Tubing Installation Specialists 
  • High Pressure Testing 

Preventative Maintenance 

Monthly service of your CNG Equipment in compliance with the manufacturers maintenance specifications. 

Project Management 

Jaycox Construction CNG offers Project Management with superior standards and clear communication. From breaking ground to the final fueling of your fleet, projects are completed with exceptional quality and positive on-going working relationships.


                     20 Years of Experience and Integrity in the Field of CNG           

                     20 Years of Experience and Integrity in the Field of CNG           

Consultant Services

JCCNG brings experience to your site to help you make informed decisions on your CNG project. Begin the planning and design of your project with an informed and clear vision of your needs. 



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