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It’s important to have an experienced and qualified CNG Service Provider help you make decisions about your site that truly fit your fueling needs. Our team will help educate you so that decisions are made with knowledge and clarity about your current and future site requirements and the options that are available. You will be ready to work with your engineers, inspectors and decision makers with confidence in your project. From planning to first fueling of your fleet we provide the services you need to complete a successful project.


Diagnostic Services

A diagnostic service provides a clear view of the equipment issues and the possibilities of repair to extend the equipment operating life. Even when you have been told that your equipment needs replacement a diagnostic service could reveal a more economic way to extend the life of your equipment at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance services are vital to your CNG Fueling site. Most manufacturers require that you have a good PM service in place showing that the equipment is being monitored regularly for warranty claims. PM services monitor the safety of your site, the function of your equipment, continues the education of your staff and provides alerts for manufacturer recommended service intervals. Jaycox Construction CNG also provides over the phone technical help to our PM customers.


CNG Construction Services

JCCNG offers full construction services for the installation of your CNG Station Fueling Station. Contact us for large and small equipment installations. Our experience and quality of service will benefit your project.


Safety Training

Operations staff fueling safety training
Maintenance staff safety and emergency training
First Responder Emergency Training

Repair Services; Manufacturer Recommended Services; Equipment and Parts Sales

-Ingersoll Rand
-BRC FuelMaker
-Knox Western
-IMW Atlas 

-Comp Air
-Atlas Copco-USA(Greenfield)
-Gardener Denver
-JW Power
-Comp Air
And more

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